Scottish Highland Adventure vacations designed by locals, delivered by local legends

Whether it’s exhilarating white water rafting on the River Garry you’re after or a challenging hike to the summit of the mighty Schiehallion Mountain that’s guaranteed to test your limits, the Scottish Highlands are a veritable paradise for those with an unbridled passion for one-of-a-kind adventure vacations.

Not that every adventure has to be an adrenaline-charged, white-knuckle ride.

For every thrilling ride along the cycle trails surrounding our own Perthshire hotel, and for every exciting rush of a deer stalking tour, there’s the opportunity to experience something a little more peaceful.

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Romantic Break Scotland

Top Five Secrets You’ll Only Discover if You Visit the Romantic Scottish Highlands

Perhaps it has something to do with the acres upon acres of lush, enchanted forests that seem to surround you no matter where you go, or maybe it’s all down to the myths and legends of valiant heroes and historic battles that once took place here. Whatever causes it, there’s really no denying one thing:

There’s a certain magical quality that permeates the air here in Highland Scotland.

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