The Black Wood of Rannoch

Explore Ancient Scotland with a Visit to the Black Wood of Rannoch

A short journey from Dunalastair Hotel Suites finds you on the outskirts of the legendary Black Wood of Rannoch.

One of the few surviving remnants of the ancient and mystical Caledonian Forest, the beautiful surroundings of the Black Wood of Rannoch are popular with those on walking holidays and boast some of the most impressive views throughout the Highlands. These enchanting woodlands contain some of the largest areas of ancient pine forests in Scotland, with many trees thought to be centuries old.

According to legend, it was here in the Caledonian Forest where King Arthur’s famous twelve battles against the invading Anglo-Saxons took place, and where companions of the wizard Merlin were said to have hidden.

The wood, with its towering majestic pine trees, is home to an array of rare Scottish wildlife, flora and fauna.  Along with the treasured plants and flowers native only to these remote parts of the Highlands, don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of the local wildlife including the Capercaillie, Parrott Crossbill, Osprey and wild Beavers.