Hiking Scotland

6 Great hiking trails in Scottish Highlands

Time spent in the great outdoors when visiting the Scottish Highlands is time very well spent. There are some amazing hikes and walking trails to explore, all of which allow you to immerse yourself in the wonderful, unspoilt scenery and nature.

Some of the best include the Great Glen Way and the West Highland Way both of which are long-distance walking routes but there are other shorter trails too, perfect for the novice hiker. The best part is that these walking routes are well waymarked and most are traffic-free.

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Scottish Highlands

Seasonal Splendours: When to Visit the Scottish Highlands for the Best Experiences

Exploring the Scottish Highlands is a not to be missed adventure at any time of the year. You’ll be greeted with rugged landscapes, a rich history and a mystical allure that’s unique to this unspoilt northern region.

There’s a certain charm no matter what the season with golden autumnal hues during the cooler months to brighter times ahead when heathers and spring flowers burst into bloom as spring arrives.

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Christmas in the Highlands

Gearing up for Christmas in the Highlands

If you’re looking for a destination that offers the perfect escape in the lead-up to all the preparations for Christmas, then look no further than the Scottish Highlands.

November is the perfect time to plan a trip to the Scottish Highlands before the wonders of Christmas festivities begin. The air is crisper, often a little wetter, but the frosty mornings and the warm welcome you receive more than make up for all of that.

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Autumn Road Trips

Best November Highland road trips

November in the Highlands may be chillier than during the spring and summer months, but there’s so much to see and do, making it a great time to organise a road trip through this rugged region of the Scottish Highlands.

The lochs and valleys are exceptionally beautiful at this time of the year. Woodlands are resplendent with their seasonal foliage when abundant wildlife is on display.

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