Scotland in Winter

Where to go and what to see in Scotland in Winter

Scotland in the summer offers visitors the chance to enjoy its beautiful natural beauty. But Scotland in winter is fascinating with more people discovering just what the Highlands has to offer during the off-season.

It’s always been a great place to explore thanks to its temperate climate. That said, it often rains but it’s never freezing cold compared to its northern neighbours. The winter months in Scotland provide a wonderful sightseeing experience that includes nature watching and so much more.

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Best Autumn Highland Drives

Best Autumn Highland Drives

Autumn in the Highlands is spectacular. The rugged landscapes, natural, unspoilt scenery and cultural cities have so much to offer. It’s the perfect time to enjoy a midge-free experience as the winter wonderland season takes hold.

Why not organise a romantic road trip and benefit from lower rates at our luxury hotel Pitlochry. It’s the best time to enjoy a golfing experience in superb locations. Hikers and wildlife enthusiasts get to see the Highlands as the weather cools off readying for the winter.

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Foraging Fun

Foraging Fun in the Scottish Highlands

Foraging wild food is featured more and more on popular television programmes and social media. And for a good reason. First, it’s fun, relaxing and extremely rewarding. You’ll find wild mushrooms and other delicacies on restaurant menus, all foraged!

So, what’s there to forage in the Scottish Highlands? And where’s the best place to start looking? Are there any guides, and where can you savour the delights of foraged foods in Northern Scotland? What to find out more? Then please read on.

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Autumn Island hopping

Autumn Island hopping in the Highlands

Autumn in the Highlands is a wealth of colourful hues. It’s a quieter time, but it is just as glorious as any other season. Exploring the region is an adventure that gets more exciting when you include some island hopping in Scotland.

Scottish shorelines are magnificent. It doesn’t get much better from stretches of sandy beaches, impressive dunes, and majestic cliffs. Moreover, with around 900 islands dotted offshore, you’ll discover some which are inhabited and others which are not.

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Restaurant at Dunalastair Hotel Suites

Scottish Highland Delicacies – What to eat when visiting the Highlands

Scottish landscapes and coastlines are spectacular at any time of the year. Then there are all the activities, from hiking, cycling, skiing, fishing, and so much more. But have you heard about the delicacies and traditional Scottish foods to try on your next visit?

The Highlands has an abundance of superb resources. Fish caught daily off the coast is just one of the tempting ingredients used in centuries-old recipes. In addition, land in the Highlands is fertile, which means crops like potatoes and other vegetables are flavoursome and nourishing.

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