Celebrate Burns Night in the heart of the Scottish Highlands with Dunalastair Hotel Suites

There are many reasons why people travel from all over the world to stay with us here at Dunalastair Hotel Suites in Highland Perthshire.

  • Some come for the five-star luxury of our award-winning hotel suites.
  • Some come for the breathtakingly beautiful scenery.
  • Others come for the delicious food served at Monadh Dining.

Yet if there’s one thing we’re sure all of our guests can agree on, it’s that the one thing that makes their stay complete is the chance to experience a truly authentic slice of highland life.

From the annual end-of-year Hogmanay celebrations to the tradition and pageantry of the Highland’s regional games, opportunities to enjoy a genuine Scottish experience are abundant throughout the year, none more so than on Burns Night.

Whether it’s your first time celebrating the occasion with us this year or you’re curious about this unique event, here’s everything you need to know about Burns Night 2020.

For anyone looking for that truly authentic Scottish experience on their Highland getaway, the annual Burns Night tradition is not be missed.

What is Burns Night?


Held every year since the late 1700s, Burns Night commemorates the life and work of Scotland’s most famous son, Robert ‘Robbie’ Burns.

The country’s National Bard, Burns’ passed away shortly before the dawn of the 19th century, leaving behind a legacy unmatched to this day.

His stirring song lyrics and poetry are among the most recognisable and widely-recited in the world, with Burns’ popular Auld Lang Syne song by millions of revellers across the world every New Year’s Eve.

When is Burns Night 2020?

Burns Monument

Ever since the late 1700s, Burns Night has celebrated on January 25th. In 2020, that date falls on a Saturday.

The first such occasion was held on July 21st, the anniversary of his passing. However, it was later changed to January 25th, the same date as Burns’ birthday.

Burns Night will be held on Saturday, January 25th, 2020 to celebrate the life and work of Scotland’s National Poet, Robert Burns.

What Happens in Scotland on Burns Night?


Burns Night suppers are held up and down the country, with guests arriving in the early evening to the unmistakable sound of a traditional Scottish Piper.

Once all of the guests have gathered, the evening’s host will offer a formal welcome and invitation to be seated.

Next, the host leads the guests in saying grace and delivering the Selkirk Grace, a prayer famously recited by Burns while attending a dinner at the home of the Earl of Selkirk on St. Mary’s Isle.

With the formalities taken care of, it’s on to the main event of the evening:

Burns Supper

Burns Supper

Burns Supper begins with a soup course, after which the much-revered Haggis is escorted into the room in ceremonial fashion.

In keeping with the pageantry of the occasion, the host performs Burns Popular poem, Address to a Haggis, then the traditional dish is served alongside a generous helping of potatoes and turnips better known in the Highlands as ‘neeps and tatties.’

The rest of the evening sees guests enjoying Highland whiskey while toasting to ‘The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns,’ reciting some of his most memorable poems, and enjoying several other Scottish delicacies.

Burns Supper is an event full of tradition, with guests enjoying an authentic Scottish haggis, neeps and tatties and making toasts to the memory of Robert Burns.

Celebrate an Authentic Scottish Burns Night at Dunalastair Hotel Suites

Book your Burns Night 2020 break at our five-star luxury hotel in the heart of the Highlands. See our website for our latest special offers, or call now on +44 (0)1882 580444 to confirm your reservation.

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