Edina's Vegan Food

A Vegan’s Guide to Visiting Scotland

Scotland may be better known for its haggis, shortbread, and good old neeps and tatties, but did you know the country is fast becoming a veritable hotbed for vegan food?

With some 350,000 Scots said to be eating a plant-based diet and a further 14% of those responding to a Vegan Society survey considering ditching meat and dairy in the future, it’s no wonder that we’ve seen a wealth of new stores, festivals and vegan restaurants in Scotland open up over the past few years.

Here at the five-star Dunalastair Hotel Suites in Highland Perthshire, we recently announced the launch of our own Flawlessly Vegan menu, offering a  fresh, delicious array of plant-based options at our in-house restaurant, Edina’s.

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Summer in Scotland

Four Ways to Enjoy the Ultimate Relaxing Getaway in Scotland This Summer

While some may see the summer months as a chance to get outdoors and get active, we at Dunalastair Hotel Suites understand that action and adventure isn’t exactly everybody’s idea of the perfect summer holiday.

For many of our guests, summer is the first chance they’ve had all year to finally put their feet up and unwind, to reward themselves for getting through the long, hard slog of winter with the kind of five-star luxury break they truly deserve.

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Easter Break in Scotland

Luxury Easter Breaks in Scotland – Everything You Need For the Perfect Springtime Getaway

The days are a little warmer, the sun shines a little brighter, and after a long, dreary winter, those beautiful flowers are finally starting to bloom.

So it’s no wonder that springtime brings scores of people to Scotland, contributing to the 17% increase in annual visitors over the past few years.

Nor is it any wonder that this year, you’re planning to be among those heading to the Highlands to experience a Scottish springtime for yourself.

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Mother's Day

Why Highland Perthshire is the Perfect Destination for Relaxing Mother’s Day Breaks in Scotland

Here’s three cheers for the women in our lives; our mothers, our grandmothers, the mothers of our children, those strong, wonderful women who do so much for our entire family and make it look effortless when, truthfully, it’s anything.

73% of mums say that media and advertising make being a mother look far easier than it is.

So, with Mother’s Day fast approaching, now is the perfect time to give an extra special thank you to Mum for all that she does for us.

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