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For Scot’s Burns Night on 25th of January has been seared into the national conscience for hundreds of years. With the 25th of January nearly upon us we thought we should share more detail about the man, his work and this ancient Scottish tradition. We will also give a taste of what’s planned on this Burn’s Night Scotland 2022.

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What is Burns Night?

Burns Night in Scotland on 25th of January, is the birthday of Robert Burns, the National Bard, whose popularity still endures today because of his natural appeal to the ordinary man in the street.

As he was a noted poet the celebration has become an opportunity to celebrate Scotland’s cultural contribution to the arts with feasting, music and dance. Burns Night is celebrated in Scotland alongside the other national day, St Andrew’s Day, which takes place in November.

Who was Robert Burns?

Robert Burns

Robert or Rabbie Burns was born into a farming family in Ayrshire in 1759. Through his experience of working with his father and the ordinary, local Scottish people enabled him to speak to the common man. His early life gave him a good grounding in nature and hardship but also love and family, which became such successful trademarks in his later working life. It is this appeal to ordinary folks that has led his work to have such enduring appeal.

Complex subjects are expressed in straightforward language from which everyone can learn. As well as simplifying complicated themes he was often also seen as a ladies’ man.  Certainly, this would seem to have lived this out by fathering eight children with his wife Jean Armour.

Why do we celebrate Burns night?

The exact causes of Rabbie Burns demise remain conjecture but his continued love of a drink and worsening diagnosis of rheumatism are likely causes. After his death in 1796 nine of his closest friends came together to remember the fifth anniversary of his death in 1801. Its success ensured the anniversary became an annual event on, 29thJanuary.

It was named the Burns Club, which was held in Rabbie Burns family home, Burns Cottage in Alloway, South Ayrshire by the River Doon. By some error it was discovered later that his birthday was in fact 25th January, and so this date has been used ever since. From that inaugural club celebration, the customs have changed little, with a haggis supper still taking centre stage, as well as prayers and readings of Burns’ poems and various toasts. 

When is Burns night 2022?

Burns Monument

Burns Night is held on 25th January each year and has been held on this date since the beginning of the 19th century. Soon after Rabbie Burn’s death the Burns Club celebration took place on 29th January but the erroneous date of his birthday was soon discovered and the event permanently changed to 25th January.

Why should you spend Burns Night in the Scottish Highlands?

After the sparkle of festivities during a Christmas and New Year break in the Scottish Highlands January can sometimes seem a bleak and lacklustre month. Some even wish it away as a month to get out of the way.

However, don’t gloss over the appeal of an authentic Robert Burns Night Scotland. Take part in an ancient custom and relive the Scottish food and drink along with readings of Rabbie Burns poetry. With his down to earth appeal it is the kind of celebration he would have liked himself. The company of friends and loved ones, traditional food, tartan, and the complete lack of pretence in the storytelling of his poems. At the time he lived Rabbie Burns excelled at expressing himself with the Scots language. He led something of a vanguard with the language because the Scots language was not popular in most literary circles.

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What happens in Scotland on Burns Night?

Burns Night

Burns Night celebrations span Scotland on 25th January. This is a national day that Scots are understandably proud of. A Scottish piper often welcomes guests as they arrive at the start of the evening. The first of several speeches welcomes guests and initiates the customs of the night. After guests are seated the host reads the Selkirk Grace, which is an ancient prayer that Burns read out during a dinner given by the Earl of Selkirk in 1794. The reading is still very popular at Burns Suppers, weddings and family gatherings throughout Scotland and is spoken in Lallans, a Scottish literary form of English.

Burns Supper

Following the speeches and prayers the service of the food begins. After a traditional first course of soup the haggis is ceremonially bagpiped into the restaurant, often carried by the chef. The chef then serves the haggis for the guests along with the traditional neeps and tatties. Neeps(swede) and tatties(potatoes) is a Scottish dish, where potatoes are boiled and then roasted before being mixed with boiled, buttered swede.

The main course is often followed by a traditional Scottish dessert cranachan, made from toasted oatmeal, raspberries, whisky, honey and cream. To bring the evening to a close the host once more thanks guests for coming before a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne.

Celebrate an Authentic Scottish Burns Night at Dunalastair Hotel Suites

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