Five Reasons to Visit The Black Wood of Rannoch On Your Next Scottish Holiday

One of Highland Scotland’s best kept secrets, the Black Wood of Rannoch is a truly awe-inspiring place that is guaranteed to steal the hearts and captivate the minds of all who visit.

Located only 15 minutes away from our hotel in Kinloch Rannoch, this most magical of Scottish treasures is an absolute must for any short break in Scotland.

Don’t just take our word for it however.

Here are five compelling reasons to visit this breathtaking natural wonderland when you come to stay with us here at the Dunalastair Hotel Suites.

Step Back in Time to An Area Undisturbed for Thousands of Years

Experts estimate that some parts of this extraordinary woodland have been evolving without human interference since as far back as the last ice age.

As such, stepping deep into the heart the Blackwood’s lush forestry is like taking a step back to a whole different time in history.

Venture far enough, and among the vast expanse of lavish flora and fauna, and you’ll find yourself among ancient pine trees which conservation experts tell us have made their home here in Perthshire for at least 400 years.

We are also told that these centuries-old woodlands are one of only a small handful areas survived from the historic Caledonian Forest, the colossal temperate rainforest which dominated Scotland at the time of the Roman Empire.

Come Face to Face with Native Scottish Wildlife in Their Natural Habitat

There’s more than just magnificent flora and fauna to explore when you step into the Black Wood of Rannoch.

This ancient woodland is home to countless wild creatures, all of whom are native to the Scottish Highlands.

Making the journey from your hotel in Kinloch Rannoch presents a rare treat for nature lovers, with an opportunity to see pine martens, deers, and red squirrels roaming through their natural environment.

Meanwhile, those of you with passion for birdwatching will no doubt be delighted to spot woodpeckers, wrens, and even the occasional Scottish Crossbill crossing your path.

Play Your Part in Protecting the Highlands by Exploring a Site of Special Scientific Interest

The good news, is that no matter what time of year you decide to take your short break in Scotland, you’re guaranteed to find the woodlands well preserved.

That’s because the Scotland Forestry Commision have designated the whole area as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and an official Forest Nature Reserve.

Throughout the year, the Black Woods are home to a number of active, environmental experiments, each one looking for new ways to conserve vital ancient woodland areas right across Scotland.

By visiting, you’ll be playing your own small part in ensuring this incredible forest remains a haven of natural beauty and tranquility for countless future generations.

Experience the Highlands at Their Most Beautiful and Serene on Your Scottish Walking Holiday

The numerous trails and unrivalled tranquility make the Black Woods a popular destination for walking holidays in the Highlands, with each route offering something unique to explore.

Whether it’s the ancient pines we touched on earlier or the remnants of an intricate system of canals which were once used to transport timber prior to the end of World War II, this magical woodland reveals something new at every turn.

Meanwhile, each step will be bathed in a certain sense of serenity that you truly only find deep in the heart of the Highlands.

Take a Moment to Be Inspired

No short break in Highland Perthshire is ever complete without a visit to the truly awe-inspiring Queen’s View, just a few minutes away from the Blackwood of Rannoch.

En route back to your hotel, be sure to stop and take in what has often been described as one of Scotland’s most incredible panoramic views, allowing yourself to really savour the moment, a moment we almost guarantee will be a highlight of your entire Scottish holiday.

Escape to peace and tranquility of the Scottish Highlands with a stay at the Dunalastair Hotel Suites, Kinloch Rannoch. Book your stay online today, or call our dedicated reservations team now on  +44 (0)1882 580444.

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