Five Reasons Why The Romantic Queen’s View is A Must for Your Next Highland Getaway

So, you’ve booked a luxury suite at one of the most romantic hotels in Scotland, you’ve got a candle lit dinner for two reserved at one of the area’s finest restaurants, and you’ve almost got everything you need for the kind of wonderful highland getaway you and your beloved truly deserve.

Now, there’s just one thing left to add to your itinerary; an idyllic day out which offers the two of you the perfect opportunity to really get away from it all.

According to many of the loved up couples who visit this tranquil part of the Scottish Highlands each year, there’s only one place which perfectly fits that description:

Queen’s View.

A short distance from our luxury hotel in Pitlochry, this well renowned vantage point is an absolute must for any Scottish getaway. Here’s just five reasons why.

Witness One of Scotland’s Most Famous Panoramic Views

What makes Queen’s View one of Scotland’s best loved visitor attractions is the incredible panorama, which, when the weather is clear, stretches all the way out to the West Coast mountains by Glencoe.

A view like nothing else in the country, standing at the Queen’s View vantage point is guaranteed to take your breath away as you gaze out over miles upon miles of majestic hills, luscious forests and the vast waters of River Tummel.

If you do nothing else on your visit, just spend a few moments in the arms of your special someone, taking in the enchanting scenery. It’s certain to be a memory that will last the two of you a lifetime.

Get a Fascinating Insight into Highland History

Speaking of things lasting a lifetime, many of the most romantic hotels in Scotland boast their own fascinating tales from several centuries of Highland history, meaning you’re never too far away from a compelling story that’s bound to stick with you for a long time to come.

Just in case you couldn’t get enough of those tales, there’s plenty more to be found at Queen’s View.

As legend has it, the area itself is named after Queen Isabella, the wife of Robert the Bruce, the famous Scottish warrior and king, who used the area as a resting place whilst travelling way back in the 1300s.

More about Queen Isabella, and the compelling history of the area, can be found in the award-winning visitor centre. After spending time there, journey just a little bit further west to nearby Allean Forest, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore the remains of an ancient, eighth century ring fort, and a reconstructed farmstead from the 18th century.

Get Up Close and Personal With Natural Wildlife

Prefer a little nature and wildlife than ancient ruins and stories of past glories? Queen’s View has much of that to offer too.

As you explore the area, you’ll encounter many beautiful plants and flowers, many of them native only to the Scottish Highlands. Meanwhile, inside the visitor centre, you can learn all about the natural wildlife that make their home in and around the Perthshire highlands.

Take Time Out for a Spot of Tea

After the breathtaking scenery, the one other thing that Queen’s View is arguably most famous for is its highly acclaimed tea room. Here, you and your beloved can sample a spot of delicious tea and a variety of cakes, or indulge yourself in a scrumptious lunch, all in truly beautiful surroundings.

The tea room itself is only open from April to October, but is well worth a visit on your next Highland getaway.

Take a Little Piece of Scotland Home With You

Your luxury hotel in Pitlochry has provided all the rest and relaxation you need on your break, Queen’s View has provided those once-in-a-lifetime memories, and now it’s almost time to go home.

Before you pack up the car and hit the road back to reality however, this popular attraction offers you the chance to take home some beautiful souvenirs of your Highland holiday, or perhaps a few gifts for those who weren’t lucky enough to join you.

Be sure to explore the array of books, souvenirs and other special items, all serving as the perfect memento of what is likely to be the perfect day in the Scottish Highlands.

Explore the romantic Queen’s View on your next Highland getaway with the Dunalastair Hotel Suites, set to open on May 1st, 2017. Book your stay online today, or call now on +44 (0)1882 580444.

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