Mindfulness in the Highlands: Travel Tips for a Mindful Staycation in Scotland

In our hectic modern world, we are always looking forward to switching off and enjoying time away from our everyday routine. You often hear the phrase that nature is nurturing; even if you’re not an outdoor enthusiast, there are many ways to connect with nature to help promote a deep sense of relaxation and restoration. For those wanting to immerse themselves in glorious natural landscapes and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature, there is no better destination to connect with your surroundings than the Scottish Highlands.

Our luxury hotel in Perthshire is conveniently nestled in the heart of the Highlands, so we know a thing or two about how to feel best connected to our beautiful natural surroundings. Here at Dunalastair Hotel Suites, we have some top travel tips for your next wellbeing retreat in Scotland to promote relaxation and leave you feeling inspired.


  • What is a Mindful Staycation?
  • Mindful Staycation for the Mind
  • Mindful Staycation for the Body
  • Mindful Staycation for the Soul 

What is a Mindful Staycation?

Mindful Explorer

‘Mindfulness’ is not a new concept, but it certainly has become a term that is more widely spoken about and has increasingly found popularity in travel and tourism. At its simplest, mindfulness is awareness – it’s a raw human ability to be present within ourselves and our surroundings. If you’re practising mindfulness, you are living in the moment.

Nature is something all humans can connect with; the natural world promotes a calming effect, connectedness and inspires a sense of awe. In fact, we don’t have to rely on nature to feel connected, and we can get the same effects from simple acts of self-care, whether it’s a spa experience or a mellow wander around a museum or gallery.

Enjoying a mindful staycation allows us to disconnect from the distractions of the digital age that often suppress clarity and leave us unengaged with the present. On a mindfulness retreat, you have an incredible opportunity to slow down, notice your surroundings and focus on yourself. 

Retreats for The Mind

Highland Perthshire

Escaping your busy routine and heading to the peace and tranquillity of a nature retreat in Scotland will give you some much needed time to relax your mind and focus your thoughts on the present.


Head off for an incredible meditation and mental health retreat in Scotland, where you let go of your electronic devices on arrival and dedicate your time to focusing entirely on the mind. The retreat centre run by Melanie Santorini offers a deep dive into the mind and soul surrounded by the magical Black Wood of Kinloch Rannoch, near our Loch Rannoch hotel. The retreat also offers guided tours, courses in meditation and mindfulness, and private access to a beach for a peaceful stroll or to enjoy wild swimming.


Perhaps visiting a museum and gallery is not what comes to mind when you think of a wellness retreat, yet taking time to admire both centuries-old and modern art will stimulate the mind and heighten your senses. Acquiring a broader knowledge of art and history from around the world helps us understand ourselves and the world around us on a deeper level and helps us come to terms with our sense of purpose.


Exploration and adventure are great for the mind; sometimes, just breathing in the fresh air and immersing ourselves in the great outdoors do wonders for our well-being. Of course, it helps when your surroundings are the breathtaking and scenic landscapes of the Highlands. Stroll among gentle lochs, magical woodlands and mighty Munros that hold incredible natural healing properties that ease stress and relax the mind. 

Retreats for The Body

Tay Media Spa
Image Source: Tay Medispa

Feel present in the moment and explore the ways your body can feel connected with the world around you. Stretch your legs, breathe in the sharp air, or completely relax your body and give yourself the love and rest you need.


No mindful staycation is complete without a pampering session. Just an hour’s drive from Dunalastair Hotel Suites is Tay Medispa in Perth, which offers an array of award-winning beauty treatments and massage sessions. Release any tension and stress and focus on calming your mind and body with several treatments and benefits to choose from.


Whether you’re a total beginner or a complete yoga junkie, the activity is synonymous with wellness and is an incredible outlet to find deep connections within yourself and your surroundings. There’s truly no better place to experience yoga than in the depths of the Highlands to help rejuvenate your body and connect with the infamous Scottish scenery. During your next staycation, consider taking the time to detox with a morning yoga session or a complete yoga retreat in the Scottish Highlands.


The Scottish Highlands are a hikers paradise, with famous walking routes to be experienced and hidden local gems to be discovered. There are walking routes on offers for all abilities, whether you plan on exploring forestry, wandering down remote beaches or clambering rugged peaks, there are an abundance of destinations to be explored that will heighten all senses and encourage you to feel present and connected with your surroundings.

Retreats for The Soul

Blair Castle

Find the things that feel good for your soul. Explore magical and otherworldly spots that encourage self-reflection, appreciation and joy. From ancient and historical sites to long-standing natural attractions, there are many ways to feed the soul and find inspiration.


Connecting to Scotland’s rich and colourful past is both mesmerising and thought-provoking. History is an essential part of wellness as it helps understand the circumstances that shape the landscape we experience today. Head to the mystical Isle of Skye and uncover its prehistoric roots and incredible geological features, or discover areas of great historical significance like Blair Atholl dating back to before the Jacobite Rising of the mid-1700s.

Must-visit historical attractions close to our hotel in Pitlochry…

Culloden Battlefield, Culloden Moor (78.6 miles from Dunalastair Hotel)

Urquhart Castle, Drumnadrochit (97.7 miles from Dunalastair Hotel)

Glenfinnan Viaduct, Glenfinnan (83.2 miles from Dunalastair Hotel)


Forest bathing is one of the best ways to get up and close to your natural surroundings. Originating in Japan, the practice is a way of immersing yourself in peaceful sights, sounds and sensations that naturally arise from the magic of the woodlands. Truly lose yourself and heal the soul by soaking in the fresh air and calming ambience.


Scotland also has its fair share of unusual attractions and adventures. The Findhorn Foundation describe themselves as a ‘dynamic experiment’, offering workshops, conferences and events to learn about the inner voice of the spirit in co-existence with the intelligence of nature, as well as connecting with ourselves and the world around us. This unique experience offers a chance to open your mind, body and soul and potentially learn a new way of life.

Stop Off For Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea at Edina'sIf you plan to make the most of your holiday to Scotland, it makes sense to treat yourself and indulge. Classic afternoon tea at Monadh Dining is the perfect addition to your Scotland retreat, which you can enjoy at our boutique hotel in Perthshire. With a fantastic selection of sandwiches, traditional scones, freshly-brewed teas and a variety of coffees, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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