Top Five Secrets You’ll Only Discover if You Visit the Romantic Scottish Highlands

Perhaps it has something to do with the acres upon acres of lush, enchanted forests that seem to surround you no matter where you go, or maybe it’s all down to the myths and legends of valiant heroes and historic battles that once took place here. Whatever causes it, there’s really no denying one thing:

There’s a certain magical quality that permeates the air here in Highland Scotland.

It’s there to greet you the moment you arrive and lingers, curiously intangible but nonetheless ever-present throughout your entire Scottish getaway, teasing the grand reveal of some alluring secret at every turn.

Whilst these secrets no doubt lend the Highlands their unbridled sense of romance, of mystery and magnetism, they do pose one small problem:

There’s simply so many of them, hidden and waiting to be found, that you could spend weeks exploring the magical realm of Highland Scotland and still never discover everything that awaits.

That’s where we come in.

Here, the team behind the five-star Dunalastair Hotel Suites in Kinloch Rannoch reveal just five of the Highland’s best-kept secrets, each one waiting for you on your next romantic break in Scotland.

Loch Rannoch

True Serenity is a Feeling Like Nothing Else on Earth

Remember that one perfect moment you had?

You know the one – for the briefest of moments the whole world seemed to just fade away, leaving just you and the one you love, together enraptured in a bewitched state of bliss the likes of which you’ve failed to truly put into words even to this day.

Nothing could top that moment. Nothing could beat that feeling of pure calm and utter contentment. Nothing could bring you closer to absolute serenity.

Until now.

Visit the Highlands on your next Scottish break and you’ll discover the true meaning of serenity.

As the sun begins to settle at the end of another perfect day, take a stroll from our five-star hotel to beautiful Loch Rannoch. Listen to gentle waters lightly caressing the shore as they glisten in the tender glow of a fading sun.

Breath in the stillness, let the rest of the world just disappear and find yourself, captivated in a moment, feeling serene in a way you never before thought possible.

Queen's View

There’s More to Scotland’s Unbridled Beauty Than Meets the Eye

From the moment you arrive in Highland Scotland, driving along quiet, winding roads lined on all sides with mile upon mile of lavish greenery, soaring mountains and clear blue skies, you’ll find it almost impossible not to be completely captivated by how utterly divine it all looks.

Yet here’s a secret that’s usually only revealed to those who spend their romantic break in Scotland exploring the area:

The scenery that surrounds you on a day-to-day basis is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the Highland’s breathtaking beauty.

Take a short drive from our Loch Rannoch hotel over to Pitlochry’s Queen’s View, for example, and you’ll be captivated by the remarkable vistas sweeping as far out into the horizon as the eye can possibly see.

Often described as one of the most iconic panoramas in Scotland, there really is no place on Earth quite like it.

Not that many parts of the Highlands don’t strive to give Queen’s View a serious run for its money. Set off on a hiking trip, an exhilarating bike ride, or even a gentle stroll, and you’ll soon discover many of Scotland’s hidden gems at their most impressive.


Together, You Really Can Achieve Anything

You’ve always suspected that you and your loved one would make an unstoppable team, and here you both have the chance to prove it.

Visit the highlands on your next Scottish getaway, and you’ll find those opportunities in abundance.

Standing tall and proud in the background of our Loch Rannoch hotel, the mighty Schiehallion Mountain almost demands to be conquered.

Typically regarded as one of the easiest Munros in Scotland to take on, the Schiehallion is no walk in the park. Together, you’ll overcome a formidable challenge and be rewarded not only with incredible scenery, but also with the proof that the two of you really can achieve anything.

Enchanted Forest

The Forests Really Are Enchanted

When we talk about the forests being enchanted here in Highland Scotland, we’re not doing it merely to wax poetic.

Once the summer months draw in and autumn begins to fall, Faskally Wood in Pitlochry magically comes to life in an awe-inspiring display of light, colour and sound.

A short drive from the Dunalastair Hotel Suites, this award-winning attraction has often been described as a veritable feast for the senses, but in our opinion, it’s so much more than that; it’s a true wonderland in every sense of the word, and the perfect addition to any romantic break in Scotland.

For tickets and details, see:

Deluxe Hotel Suites

Nobody Does Five-Star Luxury Quite Like Scotland

Sure, you’ve stayed in romantic luxury hotels before, but never one quite like this.

Exceptionally comfortable beds with bespoke mattresses custom-made to ensure our guests enjoy a truly peaceful night’s sleep.

Exquisite food freshly prepared from the finest, in-season ingredients.

Elegant, contemporary decor combined with traditional Victorian features.

These are just some of the reasons why the Dunalastair Hotel Suites has been named among the top five-star hotels in Scotland and has won a number of the hospitality industry’s most prestigious awards since our grand opening back in May 2017.

Meanwhile, our unique location in the heart of the highlands means you never have to go far to discover a true sense of serenity and tranquillity, whilst all the sights, delights, and well-kept secrets are all only a short journey away.

What secrets will you discover on your next Scottish getaway? Find out when you book your luxury romantic getaway with us today. Book online for our best available rates, or call now on +44 (0)1882 580444.

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