Kinloch Rannoch Highland games: An exciting day out for all

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The History & Significance of the Highland Games

Kinloch Rannoch Highland Games

For decades, the Kinloch Rannoch Highland Games have captivated the imagination of all who attend this exciting event.

The location alone, Kinloch Rannoch is exceptionally picturesque and it showcases Scottish vibrant, exhilarating culture perfectly.

It’s the ideal opportunity for locals and visitors to immerse themselves in the Scottish Highland’s rich heritage.

There’s music, traditional dance and naturally, Scottish hospitality at its best.

History & Significance of Highland Games

With its ancient roots in Scotland, the Highland Games have tested a warrior’s strength during clan chief gatherings for decades. Today, the event is a celebration of Scottish pride and culture.

This not-to-missed event provides visitors to the Kinloch Rannoch Highland Games a captivating insight into Scottish heritage.

You’ll experience exhibitions of athleticism, Scottish tradition and Highland camaraderie. 

Highland Games Highlights

The Highland Games

Heavy events:

  • Testing skill and strength, heavy events include hammer throw, tossing the caber, weight over the bar, shot put and tug o’war


  • Showcasing a piper’s skills, these competitions include individual and band contests

Highland dancing:

  • Highland dancers of all ages take part in these events, competing in a range of traditional Highland dances

Hill race:

  • A test of endurance where competitors match their endurance by running up and down Craig Varr, the hill that overlooks Kinloch Rannoch

Events for children:

  • Children can take part and enjoy a variety of events which include tug o’war, races and Highland dancing

There are lots to see and do at the Kinloch Rannoch Highland Games with a range of other activities some of which are listed below.

Food and drink stalls:

  • There’s a great selection of stalls selling food and drink which naturally includes local produce, Scottish whisky and craft beers

Craft stalls:

  • With a variety of stalls offering crafts and souvenirs which includes traditional Scottish objects and items like jewellery, whisky glasses and tartan

Entertainment for the children:

  • With bouncy castles, face painting and a variety of fun games, there’s lots to keep the children entertained

All in all, the Kinloch Rannoch Highland Games provides a superb family day out and offers a great way to experience Scottish tradition, culture and heritage.

The next event takes place on August 19th, 2023.

Culture and Heritage

Highland Games

An exciting journey that lets visitors experience Scotland’s culture and heritage which includes:

  • Immersing yourself in Scotland’s customs and traditions from enjoying the mellow, haunting sounds of bagpipes to taking part in traditional Highland dances such as the ceilidh
  • Gaining insights into Scottish customs and tasting traditional Scottish fare while engaging with locals
  • Understanding Scotland’s storied past by exploring historical castles and landmarks
  • Enjoying traditional Highland music, and storytelling while taking part in local music events that delve into Scotland’s historical and artistic past

Come and enjoy Scotland’s lively traditions and immerse yourself in the rich heritage the country has to offer.

You’ll enjoy local arts, craft exhibitions that forge unforgettable experiences and deep connections with Scotland’s legacy.

Culinary Delights

full Scottish breakfast

Attending the Highland Games provides the perfect opportunity to savour traditional Scottish fare.

There are authentic dishes to taste which include:

  • Haggis, a traditional dish served with neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes)
  • Freshly smoked salmon which is lovingly smoked over oak ships renders the fish a rich smoky flavour. Served with cream cheese capers and lemon
  • Crispy fish & chips which is a classic British delight that’s served with fries and mushy peas
  • Savoury Scotch eggs are a savoury treat with hard-boiled eggs which are coated in sausage meat and then breadcrumbs before being deep-fried. Served up with mustard or ketchup
  • Hearty stews made of locally produced fare and served piping hot
  • Savoury meat pies which are a tasty filler ideal for between meals

Then, of course, there’s a superb selection of dining options in Kinloch Rannoch from charming cafés, and quaint pubs to fine dining.

In short, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste when it comes to culinary delights in Kinloch Rannoch.

Tips on visiting the Kinloch Rannoch Highland Games

Kinloch Rannoch Highland Games

Scotland is an exceptionally beautiful country that boasts a rich cultural heritage. Planning a trip to the Highlands of Scotland is exciting so we’ve provided some tips to make the most of your stay.

Best time to visit and plan a trip

June through to August means booking your accommodation early so you can explore the region before the start of the games

What to bring and wear during your trip

It’s always advisable to pack layers, comfy shoes, a camera and some cash for your local purchases.

The do’s and don’ts during the event

You’ll enjoy a warm welcome when you visit Kinloch Rannoch Highland Games. You’ll engage with friendly locals which is a wonderful experience. Plus, you’ll get to cheer competitors on while respecting the rules and supporting  local vendors.

Avoid carrying larger bags and always ask permission before you take any photos.

Quick Recap

With a deep-rooted history in tradition, the Kinloch Rannoch Highland games showcase the essence of Scotland’s rich culture and heritage.

Visitors and locals alike immerse themselves in captivating traditions, music, crafts and arts while experiencing a great family day out.

You’ll enjoy a strong sense of community at the games which enjoy such a great economic impact on the region.

Accommodation Advice

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