Planning a Group Event in the Highlands

Planning a group event presents several challenges. After all, finding the right venue is all-important. Yet, once you’ve decided on a venue, the rest should fall seamlessly into place.

If you’re planning a group event in the Highlands why not choose to hold it at Dunalastair Hotel Suites. Not only will it provide a great solution, but we also offer 5-star luxury in a stunning location!

Defining your group event needs

Group events need planning which includes outlining essential needs. Does the location boast wow-factor features? If so, does it also have the essentials needed for a successful event?

Our dedicated team makes sure all essentials are met from the moment you book your event! They are there to meet all your needs at the planning stage and during the event. 

What about the budget?

Meeting & Events

Are you planning an event that’s not only successful but one that’ll be memorable thanks to the location and facilities provided in a chosen location? Although a budget could play an important part in where you choose, you may want to factor in what’s more important to the people who attend your group event.

Happy attendees make for a successful group event and our Boutique Hotel Scotland has everything to make it so. A great choice of spaces all of which are ideal for group events. Plus, there are plenty of options from a day delegate experience, exclusive use and hybrid events.

How many people would attend?

Knowing how many people are due to attend a group event needs to be factored into the area needed. If the space is too large, the event may seem empty. If it’s too small, your attendees may feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Also, attendees expect secure, well-aired spaces, with comfortable seating and areas where they can relax during breakout sessions.

They’ll need somewhere to sit their laptops on so they can jot down notes. They’ll also need a space where they can relax and enjoy the scenery around them. While enjoying something to eat and freshly made coffee or a steaming pot of tea. 

Location, location, location

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There are essential things which must be factored in when you’re choosing a location for a group event. For example, is there ample, secure parking? If attendees are flying in, is the airport close by? Moreover, where is the nearest train station and is there a reliable taxi service?

Choosing a venue for a group event also means finding somewhere attendees will genuinely enjoy spending time at the location.

Our 5-star hotel in Pitlochry has it all. A stunning location, luxurious setting, fine dining, a warm welcome guaranteed and everything you need to organise a successful group event!

What else is happening in the area?

Another thing to consider is what else is happening in the area. After all, your attendees may enjoy hiking, hill walking and exploring the area. It’s especially important if the event lasts a few days or over a weekend.

When you book a group event in the Highlands, you can be sure that there are lots to see and do. Your attendees can enjoy fantastic adventures in unspoilt environments. This includes exploring this stunning area of the Highlands.

We offer an ‘Exclusive Use option which provides the perfect solution for holding a group event over several days. 

Conference rooms that suit your needs

Conference Rooms

Our boutique hotel Scotland boasts conference spaces that meet your requirements. Whether you’re planning a day delegate experience or a hybrid event, our team can help set up the perfect space. This ensures your objectives and expectations are met.

With space for up 120 people, attendees can enjoy 5-star luxury and comfort at your group event.

What about facilities and technology?

Naturally, your attendees will expect reliable Wi-Fi. We provide unlimited fibre optic Wi-Fi. Along with everything needed to record the group event if required. Plus, all attendees will enjoy full use of all the facilities onsite. 

What about food and drinks?

Food and Drinks

Keeping attendees happy is all-important when you plan a group event. Our Hotel in Kinloch Rannoch boasts fine dining in the Monadh restaurant. You’ll enjoy the best locally sourced delights in a lovely setting.

From delicious breakfasts served with freshly made coffee and steaming pots of tea, to crafted lunchtime and dinner menus. There’s something to suit everyone’s taste. This includes a seven-course tasting menu in The Library.

Our team is here to make your group event a success!

The team at our Boutique Hotel Scotland is here to ensure your group event is a success. We understand the importance of making your event a memorable experience. One that surpasses all expectations.

Whatever your needs, our team is here to listen and arrange a space so your group event is a success.

Book your group event today!

The Library

Why not call us today to book your group event at our 5-star hotel in Pitlochry. Come and enjoy the luxury and comfort we provide in a stunning location.

You can reach a member of our team on +44(0)1882 580444 to discuss your needs. We’ll help organise a group event space with you. If you prefer, you can use our online enquiry and we’ll get back to you asap!

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